Friday, January 9, 2009

Feels a little early for certain things

So... my dear fiance talked to a photography company this afternoon while I was at work and made an appt. to go see then next week weds. My thought on this situation is that it is a little too early to be looking for a photographer when we haven't fully decided on a reception area or at least haven't put our deposit down yet. Plus we don't have the money for a deposit on the photographer and the venue. This wedding stuff is crazy!!!!

On a good note.....I talked again to the wedding consultant at the Mansion and she answered all my questions for me. I really enjoy her attitude towards her work and the mansion. She is a pleasure to work with and this makes me really want to book it there. On top of loving the place, it's makes the whole situation so much better when you're working with someone who it truly willing to help you. I really think this is the perfect place for Randy and I to exchange our vows!!!

More to come soon!!

soon to be bride

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mansion

Randy and I went to visit our first venue for our ceremony and reception today and absolutely fell in love. It's called the Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet, IL. It's a historical landmark built in the late 1800's. The chapel has a 2,000 pipe organ to be used during the ceremony and from there our guests will only have to walk a couple feet to the grand ballroom where the reception will take place. It's gorgeous. I know that we should look at other locations first before we decide on this one but trust me, we have done our research on facilities and this one is not only the best one we've found but also so affordable. Now that we have settled on this, the fun begins!!!!

This is a picture of the chapel where the cere
mony will take place.

Here is a picture of the Victorian Ballroom where the reception will take place.